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Esther lost weight and gained muscle. 7 month transformation 

Terri lost 30lbs followng our training program. She has been an online client for over 2 years now.

Terri has lost 30lbs. She gained muscle and confidence. 

Terri lost 30lbs following MMFITNESS's online training program.
Louis is down over 20lbs following our 12 week online plan.
Louis lost weight and toned up following our 12 week online training plan.

Louis is down 20lbs. All from at home work outs & online coaching. 

Cassandra is down 10lbs following our 12 week online training program.
Cassandra has been following a meal plan and at home workouts. She is down 10lbs.

Cassandra is down 10lbs & toned up a lot. 

Robert has lost 50lbs so far. He has been following a nutriton plan since September 2022.
Robert is down 50lbs and feeling so much better about himself.

Robert is down 50lbs !!! He has followed his meal plan 100% since September 2022.

Hope is down 30lbs and up in confidence !! 

Melissa is down 23lbs all from at home work outs & eating a high protein meal plan. 

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