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MMFITNESS - I help women and moms on their health and fitness journey.

Change your body. Change your life. Book a quick call with me to get started on your health and fitness goals.

Carey Miller specializes in helping moms lose weight and tone up without crazy diets.

Women Warriors

  • 16 Week Program

  • Guaranteed to Never Need A Trainer Again 

  • Teach All Clients How To Track & Adjust Macros Accordingly

  • Goal Setting 1 on 1 Phone Call To Customize Your Plan

  • Do NOT Need a Gym, But It Is a Bonus if You Have One

  • Fat Shredding Workouts

  • Dialed in Nutrition Specific to Your Allergies / Preferences

  • Zero Food Restrictions / Guilt Free Sweet Treats

  • Step By Step Coaching with Weekly Breakdowns

Client Transformations

Check out the amazing results my clients have achieved following my online training plans. 

Terri lost 30lbs following my 16-week program.

I just want you to know how much I appreciate you for helping me! I love this new feeling! I feel my muscles moving when I walk, or pick things up, and I know I’m doing something so very wonderful for myself! Reminded all day long when I’m moving that things are changing! Thank you so much! 


Carey Miller is an ACE certified personal trainer who has taken several nutrition classes.

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Sorrento, FL


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